1. Egg Roll

(Deep fried)​

2. Curry Roll

(Deep fried)​

3. Fresh Spring Roll

Shrimp and chicken or vegetarian 


4. Fried Calamari

Lightly coated in house flour, deep fried​

6. Soft Shell Crab

Deep fried and served with sweet & sour sauce​

7. Fried Dumpling

Stuffed ground pork​

8. Steamed Dumpling

Stuffed ground pork, served with ginger soy sauce (pork)​

9. Chicken Sa-Teh

Chicken tender lightly marinated in curry and coconut milk, served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce​

10. Crispy Noodles (Mee-Krob)

Crispy rice noodles, sautéed with sweet & sour sauce, served with shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts and scallions(GF)​

11. Fried Tofu

Served with peanut sauce(GF)​

12. Vegetable Tempura

Variety of vegetables battered & deep fried, served with ginger sauce


20. Wonton Soup
21. Vegetable Soup (GF)
22. Chicken in Cream of Coconut Soup

Sliced chicken and mushrooms cooked in cream of coconut and flavored with galanga, lemon grass, and ma-goot leaf

23. Tom Yum Soup

Hot and sour soup flavored with lemon grass and ma-goot leaf



Shrimp, squid, scallop(GF


Yum or Spicy Salad

30. Yum Beef

Slices of grilled steak seasoned with Thai herbs, onions, cucumbers, and lime juice

31. Yum Seafood

Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, Mussels with onions, lemon grass, chili paste and lime juice

32. Papaya Salad (Som Tum) (GF)

Traditional Thai salad prepared with fresh Papaya in hot spicy and sour(GF)


(Please allow proper time for preparation)

All our entrees are served with Jasmine steamed rice except noodle entrees

Choice of:

  • Chicken or Pork 
  • Beef  
  • Shrimp   
  • Seafood Combination  
  • Tofu (Fried or Steamed)  
40. Panang

Panang curry paste well cooked in coconut milk and ground peanuts with a side of steamed mixed vegetables

41. Hot Pepper

Sweet peppers, onions, basil leaves and bamboo shoots, sautéed with red curry paste

42. Mixed Vegetables

Assorted vegetables sautéed with Garlic & Black Pepper sauce (GF)

43. Red Curry or Green Curry

Bamboo shoots, sweet peppers, basil leaves and coconut milk sautéed with curry paste

44. Pad Gapow

Basil leaves, bamboo shoots, green onions, sweet pepper, sautéed in a home made Thai pepper garlic paste (GF(Hot or Very Hot)

Chef Special

50. Chicken Teriyaki

Seasoned chicken served with fresh steamed broccoli topped with our special Teriyaki sauce

51. Amazing

Served with our special Peanut sauce with a side of steamed vegetables

Chicken or Beef   

63. Roast Duckling

Duckling well-seasoned, served with steamed mixed vegetables and ginger sauce

Hot Pepper Duck

Duckling well-seasoned, served with our home made Hot Pepper sauce

Shu-Shi Duck

Duckling well-seasoned, served with tomato, mushrooms and Shu-Shi curry sauce

Siam Squid

Lightly coated in house flour and deep-fried, topped with
steamed vegetables and our tamarind sauce

Shu-Shi Shrimp

Shrimp well-seasoned, served with tomato, mushrooms and Shu-Shi curry sauce

Volcano Shrimp

Grilled jumbo shrimp topped with tamarind garlic sauce

Admiral Shrimp

(green curry sauce) Grilled jumbo shrimp, battered eggplant, bell pepper, onion in spicy green curry sauce

Hot Eggplant

Light batter deep fried and topped with spicy hot pepper sauce

Fried Rice & Noodles

Choice of:

  • Chicken or Pork 
  • Beef  
  • Shrimp (GF)
  • Seafood Combination (GF)  
  • Tofu (Fried or Steamed) (GF
80. Pad Woonsen

Clear Mung Beans noodles sautéed with eggs, garlic

81. Pad Thai

Rice noodles, sautéed with eggs, served with bean sprouts, slice of lime and ground peanuts

82. Jasmine Fried Rice

Sautéed with egg, green onion, tomato, fresh cucumber and slice of lime (GF)

83. Gapow Fried Rice

Sautéed with egg, basil leaves, onion, bamboo shoots in our home made fresh Thai pepper and garlic paste (GF)

84. Bangkok Pasta (Pad Cee-Ew)

Fresh rice noodles, egg and Fresh Chinese broccoli sautéed in sweet bean sauce (GF)

85. Pad Kee-Mow

Fresh rice noodles, egg, basil leaves, green onions, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, sautéed in our home made Fresh Thai pepper and garlic paste (GF(Hot or Very Hot)

89. Beef Noodles Soup (Pho) $16.95

Rice noodles, fresh beef slices, meat ball, in clear beef broth

Sides& Beverages

Side Dish

Jasmine steamed rice

Jasmine steamed brown rice 

Substitute Jasmine steamed rice to Jasmine steamed brown rice

Peanut sauce Small or Large 

Additional sauce for ordered entrée 

Extra Chicken or Pork 

Extra Beef

Extra Shrimp (each) 

Extra Tofu 

Extra Vegetable 

House Wines


Dry with a rich buttery flavor & a hint of apple


Rich, complex and full-bodied with an elegance of taste

Asian Beer

Saigon (Vietnamese)

Tsingtao (Chinese)

Singha (Thai)

Kirin (Japanese)

Sapporo (Japanese)

Beverages (No Refill)

Thai Ice Coffee 

Thai Ice Tea 

Unsweetened Ice Tea 

Sweetened Ice Tea 

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper

Spring Water