Welcome to Jasmine

Luncheon Menu

Served from 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM weekday only


1.Egg Roll(1) $1.95

(Deep fried) Stuffed with ground chicken, bean threads, cabbage, and carrots

2.Curry Roll(1)   $1.95

(Deep fried) Stuffed with chicken, potatoes, and carrots

3.Fresh Spring Roll

Shrimp and chicken or Vegetarian 1 for $2.75, 2 for $4.95

(Not deep fried) Room temperature, wrapped with rice paper


4.Wonton Soup    $3.75

Stuffed with well-seasoned pork, sprinkled with scallions and   bean sprouts

5.Vegetable Soup     $2.95

Napa, tofu, bean threads, and mushrooms in vegetable broth

6.Chicken in Cream of Coconut Soup    $3.75    pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Sliced chicken and mushrooms cooked in cream of coconut and flavored with galanga, lemon grass, and ma-goot leaf

7.Tom Yum Soup    pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Hot and sour soup flavored with lemon grass and ma-goot leaf
Chicken    $ 3.75
Shrimp    $ 3.95
Shrimp, squid, scallop  $ 4.25
Vegetable   $ 3.50

Main Lunch

8.Today’s Special Combo   $9.50

Served with Tom Yum chicken (Soup) or a Curry Roll

9.Jasmine Fried Rice (Shrimp and Chicken)   $8.25 (GF)

Sautéed with eggs, green onions, tomatoes, and served with fresh cucumber, and a slice of lime

10.Pad Thai (Shrimp and Chicken) or (Tofu GF) $8.50

Rice noodles, sautéed with eggs, served with bean sprouts, a slice of lime, and ground peanuts

11.Panang Chicken  $8.50   pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Coconut milk and ground peanuts in curry paste

12.Chicken Hot Pepper   $8.25   pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Green and red peppers, basil leaves, bamboo shoots, and chili paste

13. Mix Vegetables   $8.25 (GF)  

Sautéed with garlic sauce

14. Shrimp Curry    $9.25   pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Coconut milk, bamboo shoots, basil leaves, and red curry paste

15. Bangkok Pasta   $9.25   

Fresh rice noodles, shrimp, and chicken sautéed in bean sauce

16. Pad Kee-Mow   $9.25  pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Fresh rice noodles sautéed with eggs, spicy garlic paste, basil leaves,green onions, bamboo shoots, and sweet peppers  (Hot or Very Hot)

17. Dinner in Lunch Portion   $9.50   pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLarger

Excluding Jasmine Special, fish, and seafood combination

Side Dish

Jasmine steamed rice     $1.00

Jasmine steamed brown rice    $2.00

Substitute Jasmine steamed rice to

Jasmine steamed brown rice    $1.00

Peanut sauce    $3.00

Additional sauce from entrée    $3.00

Extra chicken    $4.00

Extra shrimp (each)    $1.00

Extra tofu    $3.00

Extra vegetable    3.00

pepper400.jpgfc0419da-e959-433f-bd47-5ef29d757cebLargerIndicates spicy dishes (Mild or Medium or Hot)

In order to maintain food quality, Menu Alterations will not be accepted

GF-Gluten Free option available